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The objectives of the Mascoma Lake Association are to protect Lake Mascoma and its environment, promote the responsible and sustainable enjoyment of the Lake by all its users, and to educate the public on issues related to these objectives.

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Articles include:

  • President’s Message
  • Calendar of Events
  • Mascoma Lake Maps
  • Gardening with Nature : Conservation Landscaping for Lakeside Park
  • Loon Census 2021 – July 17
  • For the Love of Loons
  • Eagles Continue to Inspire Hope and Awe
  • Mascoma Lake Skating Creates Ice Fun
  • Milfoil Control : A Quarter – Century Brings Progress
  • Water Quality Questions : Coronavirus, E-coli, and Cyanobacteria
  • Celebrating 20 Years of the NH Lake Host Program

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Cyanobacteria presentation, Patty Murray, MLA annual meeting July 31, 2021.
Watch and learn, and if you spot a potential bloom, text photo and details/location to Amanda McQuade at NH DES at 603-848-8094 and/or email to mla@mascomalakeassociation.org