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Celebrating our 100th Anniversary

The objectives of the Mascoma Lake Association are to protect Lake Mascoma and its environment, promote the responsible and sustainable enjoyment of the Lake by all its users, and to educate the public on issues related to these objectives.

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Cyanobacteria ALERT

A cyanobacteria ALERT has been issued for Mascoma Lake, Enfield/Lebanon. Cyanobacteria activity was first observed on 22 September 2023, appearing as green streaks accumulating along the shoreline. See the image attached, taken 22 September 2023. Cyanobacteria bloom conditions can change rapidly, so it is best to be on the watch for developing conditions.

This alert is based on an image, not a sample review. Sampling will be scheduled next week if bloom conditions persist. If someone is able to deliver a sample to NHDES next week, that would be greatly appreciated.

NHDES urges lake users to perform visual assessments of the water prior to recreating. Stay out of the water and keep pets out if you can see any visual accumulation or discoloration of the water and report it.

This is not an official cyanobacteria advisory, and signs do not need to be posted. The Alert will remain active for a week unless further reports of cyanobacteria are received. NHDES will only resample if worsening conditions are reported. I will be in contact again if conditions change, and an official advisory is issued.

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