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Lake Information Mapper

This interactive map allows the user to access water quality information of individual waterbodies around New Hampshire. By zooming in and clicking on a waterbody of interest, the user has access to historic and current Lake Trophic Survey reports, the most recent Volunteer Lake Assessment Program (VLAP) reports, Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) reports, ice cover history, cyanobacteria bloom history, Watershed Based Plans, Diagnostic Feasibility Studies, and information on known invasive aquatic species.

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Lake Information Mapper

Waterbody ID: NHLAK801060105-04-01
Current Trophic Class: Oligotrophic
Major River Basin: Connecticut 
NH Acres: 1,154.78 

Lake Trophic Survey Report (LTS)
     Report Links:  1976  1985  2000  2008   
     Stations Used in LTS Reports:
       MASENF1D   MASENF-GEN     
Volunteer Lake Assessment Program (VLAP)
     Lake Report(s):  2019     
     Regional  Report:  2014
Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Reports
     Report(s):  Mercury            

Ice-Out Dates
      Ice out data
      Click here to learn more about ice out data submittal. 

Cyanobacteria Bloom(s)
      Cyanobacteria Bloom History 

  Diagnostic Feasibility Study (DFS)
         None available.

    Watershed Based Plan(s)
        No plan completed.
Mercury in Fish Tissue Report
        Mercury in Fish Tissue Report Sheet

     Exotic Invasive Species
     Control Actions: Diver hand removal and suction harvesting keeping infestation low.
     Management Plan:     Contact NHDES
     Species and Year Discovered:
       2000 Eurasian milfoil

        Soak Up The Rain
   No SOAK projects completed.
Other Resources   
  NH Fish & Game Bathymetry Map
                                Mascoma Lake Association
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