Fish Identification

Largemouth Bass

Micropterus salmoides

average size : 12-16in. 1-3lb.
Smallmouth Bass

Micropterus dolomieu

average size : 8-16in. 1-2lb.
Rainbow Trout

Oncorhynchus mykiss

average size : 12-16in. 2-8lb.

Brown Trout

Salmo trutta

average size : 7-14in. 1-2lb.
Landlocked Salmon (stocked)

Salmo salar

average size : 12-18in. 1.5-3lb.
Brown Bullhead

Ameiurus nebulosus

average size : 8-12in. 1-5lb.

Common Carp

Cyprinus carpio

average size : 12-25in. 8-10lb.
Mirror Carp

Cyprinus carpio

average size : 12-25in. 8-10lb.
White Perch

Morone americana

average size : 7-10in. up to 1lb.

Yellow Perch

Perca flavesens

average size : 7.5in. up to 1-2lb.
Rock Bass

Ambloplites rupestris

average size : 8in. up to 1-2lb.
Calico Bass (Black Crappie)

Pomoxis nigromaculatus

average size : 10.8in 1.5lb.


Lepomis macrochirus

average size : 6-8in. 10oz.

Lepomis gibbosus

average size : 4-6in. less than 1lb.

Semotilus corporalis

average size : 5-10in. 1.6-3lb.

Chain Pickerel

Esox niger

average size : 10-20in. 1-2lb.
American Eel

Anguilla rostrata

average size : 10-20in.
Golden Shiner

Notemigonus crysoleucas

average size : 3-9in. .5-1lb.

Common White Sucker

Catostomus commersonii

average size : 6-18in. 1-5lb.
Common Shiner

Luxilus cornutus

average size : 4-6in.
Rainbow Smelt

Osmerus mordax

average size : 3-5in.

Walleye (invasive)

Sander vitreus

average size : 22in. 3.5lb.
Northern Pike (invasive)

Esox lucius

average size : 20in. 2lb.

WARNING: There is some evidence of Walleye and Northern Pike in Mascoma Lake. There will be very few of these invasive fish and it is hoped no natural spawning will occur. If they were to become established, we could potentially see a collapse of the smelt population. This would have a catastrophic effect through the trophic levels and could cause fish die-offs across most of the list. Any angler who can correctly identify a Northern Pike vs a Pickerel should kill the Pike immediately and do the same with a Walleye.

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