Volunteers Wanted

Volunteers are needed to keep our lake pristine for recreation and living. Whatever your interest and time availability, we have a need for you. The following is a list of opportunities for you to become involved:

If you have spare time and want to help the MLA sustain its mission, please see below

MLA Mission: The objectives of the Mascoma Lake Association are to protect Lake Mascoma and its environment, promote the responsible and sustainable enjoyment of the Lake by all its users, and to educate the public on issues related to these objectives.

Milfoil abatement & education:  In order to control growth of the invasive aquatic weed, Eurasian milfoil, volunteers help in a variety of ways:  searching for and marking the location of plants (typically done early or late in the day on paddle boards, kayaks or pontoon boats; joining “synchronized swimming” searches with snorkel gear; and/or participating in the effort to retrieve (by SCUBA diving) and record the location of plants via outings on the SS Milfoil.  Volunteers can also help in educating members and preparing reports for the annual meeting.

Shoreline invasive plants: In partnership with the Enfield Select Board and Lakeside Park Committee, volunteers work to identify and safely remove a variety of invasive non-native plants from infested areas of the lakeshore: Japanese knotweed, purple loosestrife, multiflora rose, and more.

Lake Hosts: Volunteers at the lake’s two boat ramps offer boat and trailer inspections with boaters’ permission and encourage boaters to practice the “Clean, Drain and Dry” method of preventing the spread of aquatic invasive plant and animals.

Water quality:  Volunteers take water samples of the lake and/or tributaries following EPA procedures to ensure quality control. Training is provided by NHDES. Typically, there are three sampling events per year. Interested volunteers should visit (https://www.des.nh.gov/water/rivers-and-lakes/volunteer-assessment-programs).

Wildlife preservation:  This includes educating members on the preservation needs of the lake wildlife focused primarily on loons and eagles.  Annually the number of loons and eagles and their offspring are monitored and efforts are made to ensure the habitats of the animals are preserved. Dates for the annual loon census are communicated each year.

Newsletter: Volunteers write and compile the articles and photos for the annual spring newsletter.

Community and Social Engagement (CASE): This committee identifies and implements ways to strengthen the spirit of community and provide forums for education and information for the wider public in support of the MLA mission. Educational programs for kids and social events for all ages are among the areas of focus.

Social Media / Website: A key component of CASE is the utilization of all appropriate means of social media to ensure the broad dissemination of information. This CASE subcommittee identifies the tools to utilize and works with other committees to ensure that timely information is disseminated and the MLA website is maintained with the most current information.

Clean Up Days: Individuals along shorelines and crews on the SS Milfoil boat join the annual effort to remove trash from the lakeshore and deeper water. Typically the clean up days are held in August and will be announced in advance.

Historical Information: Volunteers maintain the calendar of historical happenings on and around the lake community, with periodic social media posts.

For information, questions or to volunteer contact: [email protected]