The objectives of the Mascoma Lake Association are to protect Lake Mascoma and its environment, to promote the responsible and sustainable enjoyment of the Lake by all its users, and to educate the public on issues related to these objectives.

The Mascoma Lake Association (MLA) was founded in 1923 “to promote neighborliness and to inspect lakefront properties in the winter months”. In those days lakefront properties consisted of summer “camps” owned by area residents who checked each other’s properties in the winter and organized a few socials in the summer. MLA’s role has changed considerably since then.

The Mascoma Lake Association is a not-for-profit 501.c.3 organization. Everything is done by volunteers. We do not have any paid staff members or offices.

Membership is open to all members of the community as well as those who enjoy the use of Mascoma Lake for any form of lake activity during the year. Click here to become a member or email [email protected].

The MLA Board meets monthly January through September. Board membership is open to any nominated (and elected) member in good standing who has time and interest to contribute. Click here to see current MLA Board members.

An Annual Meeting typically takes place the last Saturday in July and is open to the public. At this meeting the various committees provide reports on the efforts that are underway and the activities that have been completed. In addition, there is a guest speaker who shares information on a specific topic of interest to the lake community.

Education and information sharing are cornerstones of the MLA mission. We have historically strived to educate membership about matters that are important to the protection of the lake and its environment and for the responsible and sustainable enjoyment of the Lake by all its users. Through the various activities described below, the MLA Board and numerous committee members strive to deliver relevant and timely information. Whether it be printed materials, emails, social media postings, or face to face meetings and events, the MLA wants the Mascoma Lake community to be informed and aware of what makes Mascoma Lake a great place for enjoyment.

MLA activities are focused in numerous areas. Below is a highlight of the various activities. Volunteers are always welcome to help. Go to Volunteering in the Community section of the website or click here for more information.

Milfoil abatement & education: There is significant effort focused on controlling the growth of the invasive aquatic weed, Eurasian milfoil. Volunteers are trained and then help in a variety of ways including the search and collection of plants and recording of plant locations. Educating the community about the negative impact that Milfoil can have on the lake is a key focus as well.

Shoreline invasive plants: Working in partnership with the lakeside Park Committee and other organizations, efforts focus on identifying and safely removing a variety of invasive non-native plants from infested areas of the lakeshore. These include Japanese knotweed, purple loosestrife, multiflora rose, and more.

Lake Hosts: During the summer months, a combination of trained volunteers and hired temporary employees, greet boaters at the lake’s two boat ramps and offer boat and trailer inspections to help prevent invasive plants and animals from entering the lake.

Water quality: At multiple times during the year, water samples and measurements of the lake and/or tributaries are taken following EPA procedures to ensure quality control.

Wildlife preservation: Members are educated on the preservation needs of lake wildlife, primarily loons and eagles. Annually the number of loons and eagles and their offspring are monitored and efforts are made to ensure the habitats of the animals are preserved.

Community and Social Engagement (CASE): The CASE committee seeks to identify and implement ways to strengthen the spirit of community, and provide forums for education and information for the wider public in support of the MLA mission. Educational programs for kids and social events for all ages are among the areas of focus.

Social Media / Website: The utilization of all appropriate means of social media enables the broad dissemination of information. This committee identifies the tools to utilize and works with other committees to ensure that timely information is disseminated and the MLA website is maintained with the most current information.

Newsletter: Each year the MLA distributes an annual newsletter to members that highlights a wide variety of activities that the MLA is involved in, along with a variety of newsworthy topics and pertinent information.

Clean Up Days: An annual clean up day, typically in August, brings people together along the shorelines and on the SS Milfoil boat to remove trash from the lakeshore and deeper water.

Historical Information: A calendar of historical happenings on and around the lake community is maintained and shared through periodic social media posts.

Click HERE for a PDF of the Mascoma Lake Association bylaws.