Photos by William Beattie

Photos by Rochelle Waksman

Deanna and Ginny shared wonderful pictures of the loon chicks taken from their property by the dam, by their friend Rochelle Waksman with a telephoto lens.

The chicks are 12 and 10 days old and the parents are busy caring for them.  The chick are dependant and are with one of the parents most of the time.  You can enjoy the caring of the chicks and teaching them to feed but should do it from 150 feet away so as not to intimidate the parents.  Binoculars will help you maintain your distance and still see these dedicated parents.  The chicks can not dive or evade boats that speed through area and are at risk of being hurt.  Please encourage others to go carefully.
We are monitoring another nest near Perkins cove and suspect eggs hatching within a week.  If we are lucky we will need to be cautious about small chicks on the lake around the islands.  Please give the loons a wide safe zone.  Loons will posture and charge if they feel threatened.

Photos by Susanne W. Young