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Save a Loon—Turn in Your Lead Fishing Tackle!

Lead poisoning resulting from the ingestion of lead fishing tackle is by far the largest known killer of adult loons in the state and has been responsible for 39% of documented adult loon mortalities in New Hampshire since 1989. Lead sinkers and lead-headed jigs weighing one ounce or less (the sizes most often ingested by loons) have been illegal for sale and freshwater use in New Hampshire since 2016. Help us protect our loons by cleaning out your tackle box and bringing any lead tackle that you have to our annual meeting on (annual meeting date & time). The tackle will be transferred to the Loon Preservation Committee for proper disposal. If you’d prefer to get cash for your old lead, you can participate in the Loon Preservation Committee’s Lead Tackle Buyback program. As part of this program, you can turn in lead tackle at participating retail locations, where you will receive a $10 merchandise voucher to that location. LPC will award $100 to the person who submits the largest amount of tackle at each participating shop and $50 to the runner-up. Visit Loon.org/loonsafe for program details.